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What is Zoondy?

The premier virtual jobs marketplace, helping the unemployed, under employed and unhappily employed, connect with businesses that need their expertise. Zoondy guarantees payments.

What Zoondy Can Do for You?

Do you need virtual employment? Tell us your expertise and we’ll help you market directly to the businesses that need your help. Zoondy guarantees payments for the expertise you offer.

Zoondy For Your Business

Are you looking for a virtual employee? Zoondy is a virtual jobs marketplace that helps your organization find freelancers so you can be more competitive while cutting costs.

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Top 10 Largest Sales
  1. User

    Management consulting services

    Joydip Gupta has over 20 years of experience in Technology sector in USA, Singapore and India. He has
  2. User

    Sales Services

    I have several decades of sales experience. Am especially interested in big ticket i.e. 6 figure or more.

Founder's Note

Zoondy commoditizes human expertise, rates it, then offers it in a marketplace with challenging competitors so consumers; both business and individuals can find the solutions they need at the right price.

 We like to think of Zoondy as “LinkedIn meets Amazon.com for executive expertise.”

Officially the board wants us to say that Zoondy “facilitates the connection between businesses in need of expertise and the season professionals willing to sell that expertise.”

Zoondy is a liquid workforce platform designed to more officially distribute the expertise that exists using brokerage algorithms and market forces so that individuals are fairly compensated for their expertise and businesses get the on-demand expertise they need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire

Where our competitors target unskilled or semi skilled workforce, Zoondy targets seasoned business experts; which we believe is the next phase in the future of work.

The story of Zoondy is a simple one… but a long time coming.  Read More.

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