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As the war for talent becomes more fierce, building a personal brand has never been more important. In fact, building a personal brand is the best way to help create job security for yourself. To learn more about how to stand out from everyone else, I spoke with Dorie Clark, who […]

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I have always been confused as to why so few people understand the value of developing and maintaining their personal brand.


As they say “ you never get a second chance to make a first impression”


In most cases today your first impression comes from your Online profiles , weather its your Linkedin profile or your social media profiles. How you present your self there has a HUGE impact on how others perceive you and how they interact with you.


In the universe we currently live in everything is exposed, from your personal life to your business life is open for anyone to view. Even my friends that try so hard to stay “off the grid” find that more information than they ever intended is already available online or that their personal and business connections put a great deal of pressure on them to conform and upload information to the web. This is particularly true of your business relationships which expect that you will have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile for them to gain some insight into your skills, expertise and connections


The total disregard people have for the most important aspect of their personal brand, their online image or photo. Too many people forget that the first thing others do when checking out your profile or finding you online is to see your photo. Poor photos and selfies or photos that depict you in unprofessional light reflect poorly on you and can have a significant negative impact on your business and personal life. There is a reason that celebrities, actors and famous businessman spend a great deal of money on their image and their PR. Now you might not be able to hire a big deal PR firm to help develop your personal brand but you can make sure that your personal brand is reflected positively in the image that everyone sees across your professional and social profiles.


Most people have no idea how to contract with a professional photographer to get a great image of themselves. Or, they think that the cost is going to be prohibitive. Neither of these two statements are true anymore. The rise of online dating has created an entire secondary market for professional photographers helping people look their best. But this does not mean that you have to use these web ready photos just for Online dating! A great photo is a GREAT PHOTO. Take advantage of it and use it to promote your personal brand


One of the best kept secrets is a company called DatingHeadshots that has the largest network of professional, commercial photographers across the US and Canada. Recently they’ve expanded far beyond just photography for online daters to help anyone that wants to build their personal brand with a professional image for their LinkedIn and social media profiles


If you’re serious about your online brand you have to remember the old adage about  impressions and your first impression to people is most likely your LinkedIn photo or your social media profile photo.