Knowing where the greatest job growth is likely to occur is the first step to successfully marketing your skills on Zoondy. If you know what kinds of work skills employers are going to need most over the next few years, you can package your skills and experience to show how you can help prospective employers meet those needs. Zoondy’s unique employment marketplace and the burgeoning field of virtual employment allow you to package what you know and can offer in multiple ways to broaden your appeal and attract employers with different Selecting the right directionneeds.

But it all starts with knowing what employers will be looking for. A good place to start is with the list of Best Bachelor’s Degree Jobs for 2013 recently released by the job placement specialists at CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists. Based on occupational fields that have experienced the greatest job growth since 2010, the list offers insights into job opportunities and career paths with the greatest potential for current employment and future growth.

For freelancers, consultants and contract workers offering their services for sale on Zoondy, the list offers:

  • a blueprint for packaging your job skills in a way that will attract employers, and
  • a valuable list of industries to target when marketing your skills online.

Many of the career fields offering the greatest opportunities for current employment and reliable future growth are driven by innovations in computer technology and software design, the increasingly technical nature of U.S. industry and manufacturing, the explosive boom in big data application, rapid growth in mobile communications and the instant connectivity of social media.

The top 10 career paths expected to experience the greatest growth in the next decade are (click here to read CareerBuilder’s full list):

  1. Software development
  2. Accounting
  3. Market research analysis
  4. Computer systems analysis
  5. Human resources/labor relations
  6. Network/computer systems administration’
  7. Wholesale, manufacturing and technical sales
  8. Information security
  9. Mechanical engineering
  10. Industrial engineering


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