If you have a talent to share or a skill to teach, communication and mobile technology now allow you to connect with eager learners across the country. The success of telecommuting in the workplace and online coursework in the educational community has demonstrated the power of virtual communication. With the right communication tools, you can harness that power and use Zoondy’s digital marketplace to earn money selling your skills and talents on Zoondy.

If you’re contemplating joining Zoondy’s virtual marketplace, you need to be aware of virtual communication tools (videos, digital slide shows, video conferencing, video chat, online Q&A sessions, podcasts, etc.) that allow you to connect with customers via the digital universe. Some of the best new products are free; others charge a fee.
In selecting virtual communication tools, consider how many users can be connected at one time. If you’re offering one-on-one instruction, this may not be an issue. But if you’re considering group classes, you may find some programs limiting. Security is another issue you’ll want to consider. The ability to exclude unpaid subscribers can be important if you’re selling access to podcasts or video conferences.

• Skype for Business (free) enhances the popular personal video chat program with a business control panel that allows you to add calling credits and Skype In numbers.

• Google+ Hangouts (free) allows up to 10 people to video chat with installation of a simple plug-in. Requires a free Google+ account.

• AV by AOL (free) allows 4 people to video chat but requires no plug in or account.

• AIM Pro (free) moves AOL’s popular Instant Messenger into the business arena offers immediate file and desktop sharing and one-click access to WebEx meetings.

• 12Planet (pay) is a secure IM system available on several operating systems, including some mobile platforms.

• Huddle (pay) may be the ultimate collaboration tool, moving collaboration into the cloud and facilitating communication and information sharing across mobile, social and digital networks.

• WebEx (pay) is a web conferencing program that allows participants to interact in real time.

• Campfire (pay) permits secure online video conferencing