Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan got it right when in 1964 he wrote: “The times they are a-changin’.” That was nearly half a century ago but is as true today as it was in the turbulent ’60s. Back then, the country was grappling with massive social change; today, the workplace is the battleground. The recession, global economic crisis, rising Digital Age, and globalization of commerce have created a perfect storm that threatens to inundate those — both workers and companies — that do not embrace the sea of changes that are already starting to erode the American workplace as we know it. Gold watches and 30-year careers have already washed out to sea and disappeared. Still-high unemployment four years after the economic crash indicates that full-time jobs, the historic bread and butter of the American workplace, while not expected to disappear Jobentirely, are being seriously eroded.

For American workers, it’s sink or swim time. You can adopt new job skills, swim with the tide and succeed or you can sink. As we noted in our last post, the changing employment scene requires a new skill set. Here’s what employment experts say to expect:

  • We are entering a freelance economy. Not only will workers need to rebrand themselves as self-employed contract workers; they’ll need to develop the job management, administrative, bookkeeping, marketing and sales skills needed to run their business effectively.
  • and similar classified job sites are already starting to give way to job skill marketplaces like Zoondy that provide a platform where workers can market their services and business owners can purchase only what they need. (Click here to watch our video and see how Zoondy works.)
  • Workers will need to constantly update their skills and develop new skills to stay employed and tap into new revenue streams.