People have been trading good and services for millennia. What we call the “sharing economy” or “collaborative consumption” is bartering updated for the modern era. In the not so dim past, your great-great-great grandmother may have traded a basket of eggs for a length of cloth or paid the doctor with a bushel of apples. Today, we use peer-to-peer marketplaces like Zoondy to trade or sell what we own or know how to do for what we need or want (see our previous post).

Collaborative consumption is riding the crest of public popularity and is being hailed as the next big business trend. Car sharing sites like DriveNow allow the carless to borrow wheels by the hour. If you live near a major airport of sports arena, ParkatMyHouse lets you put your empty driveway to use. On AirBNB you can rent out spare rooms to travelers. House trading sites cut vacation cots.

The popularity of the sharing economy seems to be driven by a combination of factors:

  • Economic uncertainty. Slow economic recovery and high unemployment have made people nervous about spending money. Rather than buy a big-ticket item or something may only use infrequently, they’d rather borrow, trade or rent. Short-term rental sites are a huge growth business. You can now rent everything from maternity clothes (Mine for Nine) and baby toys (Baby Plays) to designer gowns (Rent the Runway).
  • Environmental concern. Social emphasis on recycling and other green measures has increased our desire to get maximum use from our possessions and assets.
  • Mobile technology. Smartphone proliferation and advances in mobile technology have solved the logistical problems inherent in matching people and products over time and distance.

The sharing economy offers savvy folks and budding entrepreneurs numerous avenues to monetize their skills and possessions. Zoondy provides the perfect peer-to-peer marketplace for transacting business. On Zoondy, you can sell or trade your skills or possessions or buy what you need. Click the link to watch our video and see how Zoondy works. For more information on the sharing economy, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and more; check out The Zoondy Daily.