Employers are looking for more than a college degree when they shop for job candidates these days. So how can College Grads Can Develop Work Experience they need to compete in this competitive market?

As we noted in a previous post, obtaining a college degree no longer guarantees the high-paying jobs it used to. Entry level salaries for college grads have been down-trending over the past decade during which grads have seem their earnings drop 13%.

While many blame the economy, the problem is more complex. College tuitions have been rising at unprecedented rates, but employers complain that graduates are arriving in the work place without the marketable skills employers are looking for. To fill the gap, major employers in some communities have partnered with area high schools and community colleges to develop curriculums that prepare students for to meet their specific needs. In return, students that successfully complete the course work are guaranteed a job with the employer.

New educational initiatives currently being implemented from the preschool to collegiate level also seek to address deficits in the U.S. educational system with an eye toward producing graduates more capable of filling a new era of high-tech jobs. Greater emphasis is also being placed on work-study programs and internships at both the high school and college levels to provide students with the real life work experience employers are looking for by the time they graduate. Now College Grads Can Develop Work Experience they need to succeed in the real world.

In the October 7, 2013 issue of Time magazine, MIT President L. Rafael Reif paints a provocative picture of America’s changing educational scene and the impact it will have on the graduating class of 2025. The article is well worth reading. Also worth reading is Jon Meacham’s explanation on Time.com of the educational debate currently taking place over core standards and the implications it will have on America’s future work force.

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