Corporations like Coca Cola and Ford spend billions of dollars to create, market and maintain a certain image of their company and products. Why? Because branding works. By strengthening consumers’ associations between a corporation and certain desirable values, branding enhances corporate image and drives sales.

People striving to create demand for their skills and services on Zoondy can benefit in much the same way by creating a personal brand that immediately identifies them and what they have to offer. Branding is a way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, enhance your employment value, and drive demand for your services. Internet technology and social media make it possible for anyone to create a personal brand; but developing a strong brand that will enhance your work opportunities requires careful thought and preparation.

Branding is a process.  To create a personal brand, follow these steps:

  1. Cull through your resume and make a list of your marketable skills and accomplishments. Think not only in narrow terms of specific skills, but also in broad strokes of skills that can be applied across multiple work venues.
  2. Inventory your special interests, including hobbies, volunteer work, community service and leisure activities. The things you enjoy doing when you’re not working can indicate untapped skills and interests that you may be able to develop into a second career on Zoondy.
  3. Consider your values. What do you value most in your personal and professional life? Value consideration places work and personal choices in a different perspective. For example, if spending time with your family is a priority, you might decide to market skills that allow you maximum scheduling flexibility.
  4. Consider your personality and how you interact with other people. Set yourself up for success by recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.