If you are starting a freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurial business on Zoondy, one of your first challenges will be convincing potential clients that you are the man or woman for the job. But how do you convince people that you can do a better job for them than your competitors? By cultivating the six critical characteristics shared by successful businesses (see our previous post).  Today, we continue that discussion:

Superior product knowledge. Demonstrate your knowledge of whatever you are selling by showcasing recent and past work in an online portfolio placed on your Zoondy business page and website (and anywhere else you are promoting your business). Be selective and display only your best work. To create the biggest impact, title portfolio listings and provide a brief synopsis of each project that focuses on the skills demonstrated. Including a photo or screenshot of each project instead of a link will give your portfolio a sleek, polished look and amp up the “wow!” factor.

Keep up with the latest news and developments in your field so you become your clients’ go-to expert in your field. Enhance your expert image by keeping clients apprised of coming trends they may want to take advantage of. Sharing your expertise with clients not only helps establish you as an active partner on their team, it builds client loyalty and encourages referrals.

In addition to knowing your product, you also need to know your clients. Research clients and stay abreast of new products and marketing campaigns. Your clients will be impressed that you’ve taken the time to get up to speed, and you’ll be able to make more valuable (and more impressive) contributions to project discussions if you’re already familiar with your client’s business history and culture.

Responsive customer service. Investing time and energy in your client’s satisfaction will pay off in future work assignments and referrals. Always respond promptly when clients contact you and keep the focus on the client and what you can do for him.

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