For most of us, doing chores to earn an allowance was our first “work experience.” Doing chores was one of the burdens of being a kid, but earning an allowance for your efforts was one of the perks. Decades later, things haven’t changed all that much except that there are more chores to do and you only get paid for the ones you do at work.

All those household chores you whined about as a kid still have to be done, and the chore list just keeps growing! How do you get it all done where there are only 24 hours in a day? And the more important question: When you have a limited amount of time to spend at home with your family, do you really want to spend it on mundane chores?

In that universal conundrum, smart entrepreneurs are finding new ways to earn cash. As we noted in our previous post, there is money to be made in doing the chores people hate to do or don’t have time to do. For years, people have been turning a willingness to embrace mundane tasks into cash. Lawn care, house cleaning, home maintenance, snow shoveling and painting are chores known to generate reliable income. Child care, home health care and pet care are areas of growing demand. A few years ago, a few smart folks turned picking up dog poop into a business gold mine!

Today, savvy entrepreneurs are turning household chores into a business. Pay-per-chore businesses allow customers choose the items they need checked off their to-do list and pay a flat fee per chore. Many also offer hourly rates for things like waiting for the cable company to show up or taking your car in for an oil change.

Given the number of two-income households and our desire to spend more time enjoying life, chore completion is considered a solid growth business. Zoondy provides an easy and effective way to launch a chore-based business. Click here to watch our video on how Zoondy works. Find more info on starting your own business on The Zoondy Daily.