Money is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when you are trying to start a business. Finding the start-up money to realize their dreams has stopped many entrepreneurs in their tracks. If you don’t have a tidy nest egg to draw on, crowdfunding is one way to raise start-up cash. Some people go into credit card hoc to finance their business, but high interest rates and fees make that an extremely risky choice. Your best option may be to start a business that doesn’t require a hefty up-front investment.

As long as you’re willing to make a sizable investment in sweat equity, many types of businesses can be started with little capital. Freelancing, consulting and coaching services are probably the easiest and cheapest types of businesses to start. Freelancing and consulting offer excellent opportunities to earn money from your business expertise, writing or designing prowess or motivational talents.

Basically you’re selling what you know so initial start-up costs are minimal. You’re likely to already have on hand any materials and equipment you need. The toughest part of starting a freelancing or consulting business is attracting clients. Partnering with an established business as a subcontractor is one solution. In return for a percentage of your earnings, you receive a steady stream of clients.

Another option that allows you to maintain total control over your business and profits is to sell your services on a ready-made business marketing platform like Zoondy. Zoondy is an eBay-like marketplace where people can offer what they know and buy what they need. When you’re starting a freelancing or consulting business, Zoondy provides an easy and inexpensive way to get the word out and start building a client base. Click here to watch our video and find out how Zoondy can help you start your business.