Experience counts. Entrepreneurs are getting older and, presumably, wiser. The average age of first-time entrepreneurs is now 43. According to the latest LegalZoom survey by the Kauffman Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting entrepreneurship, most of America’s entrepreneurs were in their early 20s in 1996. Today, the majority of entrepreneurs are nearly equally split between people in their mid-30s and mid-50s with more than 20% of start-up founders between the ages of 55 and 64.Older Entrepreneur

In just 17 years, America’s entrepreneurial landscape has undergone a dramatic shift toward older workers with greater business experience. Although tech industry entrepreneurs still tend to be under 40, the middle-aged and senior crowds are muscling their way past recent Harvard grads on the start-up scene. The vitality of retiring baby boomers that aren’t quite ready to sit on the sidelines and limited opportunities for older workers in the still challenging job market certainly play a role. For many older workers, opening their own business may be their best option to work in their chosen field and make a reasonable income doing so.

Typically, older entrepreneurs are well positioned to take advantage of business opportunities. Older entrepreneurs are more likely to have the start-up capital to begin a business and the business network needed to get it off the ground. They typically have the business knowledge and field experience required to manage a new business effectively and develop creative solutions as problems arise. And, having been there, done that, they frequently have a great idea for improving their field that is imminently marketable.

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