In a post on PandoDaily, recent Reed College graduate Cale Guthrie Weissman lamented the difficulty of landing a job and offered his personal take on some of the new job-matching opportunities that have sprung up in the virtual universe (see our previous post).

  • Neither we nor Weissman were impressed with the new job matching app Apploi which we felt failed to meet the realistic needs of employers for useful hiring information.Job Hunting
  • GroupTalent received a better review from Weissman. Although more limited in scope than Zoondy and geared to a narrower audience (specifically freelance designers and developers), it is similar to Zoondy in that it focuses on the job applicant’s talent and in providing opportunities for him to showcase that talent to potential employers.

As Weissman points out, both Apploi and GroupTalent lure job seekers with the message that “the hiring process is broken” and they provide the fix. Weissman questions that conclusion, echoing advice we’ve offered on numerous occasions in this column that serious job hunters should focus time and attention on LinkedIn. Essentially a digitized version of the traditional paper resume, LinkedIn has become employers’ premier job search site. It not only provides the tried-and-true resume information HR departments seek, it lends itself to the inclusion of digital embellishments (videos, project files, etc.) that enhance the job applicant’s presentation of himself and his skills.

Demonstrating entrepreneurial initiative on Zoondy is an effective way to enhance your digital resume on LinkedIn. While Zoondy offers opportunities for group collaboration; unlike GroupTalent, Zoondy places greater emphasis on individual entrepreneurship. It’s an important distinction that we feel gives Zoondy the edge as a vehicle for enhancing your ability to actually land a job. Rather than allowing the value of your personal contribution to a project to be diluted by and lost within a group effort, Zoondy’s platform places the spotlight squarely on your unique abilities and skills. And that, after all, is what employers are looking for!

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