Zoondy commoditizes human expertise, rates it, then offers it in a marketplace with challenging competitors so consumers; both business and individuals can find the solutions they need at the right price.

 We like to think of Zoondy as “LinkedIn meets Amazon.com for executive expertise.”  Officially the board wants us to say that Zoondy “facilitates the connection between businesses in need of expertise and the season professionals willing to sell that expertise.”

Zoondy is a liquid workforce platform designed to more officially distribute the expertise that exists using brokerage algorithms and market forces so that individuals are fairly compensated for their expertise and businesses get the on-demand expertise they need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire

Where our competitors target unskilled or semi skilled workforce, Zoondy targets seasoned business experts; which we believe is the next phase in the future of work.  The story of Zoondy is a simple one… but a long time coming.  Over the course of my career I have found myself on the job search merry-go-round more than a few times.

I’ve had companies that I worked for fail because of errors and arrogance on the part of the owners; I’ve been involved in mergers where my entire division was sacked, I even experienced my boss killed in the World Trade Center on September 11. However, for each of these cases I’m happy to say that I was never fired for incompetence or for any particular reason. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. How many of you found yourself in the same situation?

It’s not what you did wrong, in fact you were probably doing everything right, but you still find yourself out of a job and working on your resume to try to find the same, or at least as close as possible, job that was just taken away from you.

But here is the point; how many of us have been laid off, or know someone who has? When that employment ended did all of the knowledge and experience that you or they have get sucked out of their brain as they exited from the building for the last time?.  No! They were the same person with the same experience, the same knowledge, the same creativity and the same connections

What I wish I had back in the day when I was constantly in fear that something beyond my control would go wrong and drop me back on the job market was … Zoondy.  What I needed to develop was a new attitude, a new perception of work. An attitude in which I was in control of my career and my livelihood and not the company I work for.

In fact, the company I work for is lucky to have me, just as many other companies would value my knowledge and skills …if only I had a way to market myself to them to make them aware that I could help them.

What I needed was Zoond; a place where I could consistently sell my expertise, skills and creativity and build my reputation that transcended whatever day job I might have. Therefore, if something happened with the company that I was currently working for I would simply continue on selling my skills at Zoondy while I made the decision to look for full-time employment in yet another corporation.

In fact what I need to become was euphemistically a “gunslinger for hire” where my continuing developed skills and expertise would be offered to the highest bidder whether it’s locally or globally through a platform that markets my expertise and manages all of the finances for me.

Zoondy was built for just that purpose. The evolution of work as we know it is continuing to change such that employees are rarely valued and are simply deemed as expendable or interchangeable.  Employees like you and me need to change our attitude and expectations to include the fact that we may get laid off at any time for no reason, and that there is more likely another company either locally or globally that will value our expertise, skills and creativity… we just need to let them know we are available.

So we invite you to sign up and learn more what you can do with Zoondy!