There are lots of people out there who have had the courage and foresight to grab new opportunities to reinvent themselves — and you can too. Despite the poor economy, opportunities to begin a new and more rewarding career are out there. The New York Times recently ran an article spotlighting people who saw a new opportunity to reinvent and revitalize their career and grabbed it. While the Times article focused on workers over the age of 50, a demographic that seems to have suffered more than its share of layoffs ad downsizing during the recession, people of any age can profit from the experiences of these intrepid Americans.Reinvent yourself

An interesting side note: recession-driven job loss or income reduction provided the impetus for change for many of the workers profiled by the Times. It would seem that being forced to accept change in one area of our life makes us more amenable to embracing change in other areas.

Among the workers profiled, change took many forms; but all seemed to embrace America’s entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Invent. Spurred by a drop in income, salesman Jeffrey Nash parlayed an invention into a new business and a new career as an entrepreneur. Nash started selling the Juppy, a sling designed to help children learn to walk, out of his car and on TV; but the new product would have been a natural for Zoondy. Zoondy provides a ready marketplace for selling new products and services. (Click here to find out how Zoondy works.)
  • Invest. A layoff forced IT specialist Bonjet Sandigan to look for new work opportunities. He used his severance package to purchase a home-shelving franchise. The career change entailed a move across country, but he found new applications for his skills working with multi-cultural communities.
  • Relocate. Clare Novak embraced a new country and new culture, moving to Pakistan to grow her career. You don’t have to move half way around the world, but you can expand your work opportunities by expanding your job search beyond the limits of your community.

To be continued