Operating a home-based business is a cost-effective way to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit and increase your income. All you need is a computer, access to Zoondy’s unique online employment marketplace, a little seed money, a great idea and you’re in business!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And it can be, if you have a great idea. But coming up with a marketable money-making idea is typically the stumbling block that trips up most would-be Home-Based Franchisesentrepreneurs. The solution is to buy into someone else’s winning idea. Franchise businesses are a fast-growing market that offers myriad opportunities for entrepreneurs and quite a few of them are home-based.

According to Entrepreneur.com, the fastest-growing franchises are fast-food restaurants like Subway, commercial cleaning services like Vanguard, and fitness classes like Jazzercise. Start up costs of the top-growing franchises range in price from a couple of thousand to several hundred thousand, but among Entrepreneur’s 106 franchise listings are a number that can be easily operated from your home and require only a modest investment of a thousand dollars. (Click here to check out Entrepreneur’s full list of fast-growing franchises with estimated start up costs. Clicking on an entry brings up a summary of the business and more detailed information about its franchise program.)

From their master list, Entrepreneur named the following businesses the 10 Top Home-Based Franchises for 2013:

  1. Jan-Pro Franchising – commercial cleaning
  2. System 4 – commercial cleaning
  3. Vanguard Cleaning Systems – commercial cleaning
  4. Snap-on Tools – professional tools and equipment
  5. Jazzercise – dance fitness classes
  6. Cruise Planners-American Express Travel –  travel agency
  7. Anago Cleaning Systems – commercial cleaning
  8. Matco Tools – Mechanics’ tools and equipment
  9. Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning – cleaning service
  10. CruiseOne – travel agency

While the top 10 run heavily to commercial cleaning services, Entrepreneur’s full list of Top 100 Home-based Franchises offers a greater variety of options. Even if none of these franchise ideas appeal to you, they offer insight into the types of home businesses that are most successful and provide fertile ground for developing your own entrepreneurial idea!