Take a random survey and ask people, “What is the one thing you would like to have more of?” After joking around about wanting “a million dollars,” nearly every person will answer, “time.” Time is the one thing we never seem to have enough of. It doesn’t matter what you do or how much money you make, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

It’s the classic work/life life challenge. How to you balance the demands of your job against the needs of your family? Most of us never achieve the happy equilibrium we seek, if it’s even achievable. We live in a constant state of barely-organized chaos, rushing from one activity or obligation or chore to the next. We manage doing what must be done and letting things that are less important to us slide. And because our boss is less understanding than our family, it’s usually our home life that suffers.

In a perfect world, the laundry would be folded the minute the dryer stopped spinning. Dishes would never pile up in the sink. There would be no dust bunnies hiding under the bed. The bushes would be trimmed; the windows would sparkle; and your lawn would look like a putting green. But who has the time?

If only you had a personal assistant who could do the grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, order flowers for your mom’s birthday, wash a few windows, take the car in for an oil change, weed the garden, etc.; you could spend more time with your family, relax in the evenings, and even find some time for yourself!

There is money to be made in doing the chores people hate to do and giving people the extra time they crave to enjoy life. Entrepreneurs are making good money by providing services people don’t enjoy doing or don’t have the time to do.

Next time: Do chores; earn cash!

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