Interviewing for virtual jobs isn’t that much different than getting a job the traditional way, but you do have to tweak your interview skills if you want to be successful. As we noted in our previous post, if you’re selling your services on Zoondy (click the link to find out how Zoondy works), you should be prepared to treat every new contact with a potential client, either by phone or online, as a job interview.virtual jobs

To put your best foot forward and make a good impression, use the following tips to transfer your interview skills to the virtual employment arena (see our previous post for additional tips):

  • Be friendly. A few words of small talk to break the ice makes virtual contacts more personal. You want to stay professional, but exhibiting a personal interest in your clients is smart customer service and good for return business. At the same time, pay attention to people’s response. Some clients are all business and consider anything beyond a friendly “How are you?” to be a time drain. With these clients you’ll want to get right to the “How can I help you?”
  • Be confident. Many people in the business world place a lot of stock in a firm handshake, something that, obviously, you can’t do over the internet. You need to find other ways to convey your confidence in your ability to do the job. Speak clearly and to the point; no “ums” or “uhs.” Unless you are actually asking for information, phrase your comments as statements not questions. If you can’t answer a question, it’s more effective to tell the client you’ll get back to him than stumble around. (And make sure you get back to him promptly.)

If you’re participating in a teleconference, dress as if you were meeting the client at his office. You’ll also want to maintain good eye contact throughout the conversation and be aware of your body language.

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