A recent job satisfaction survey found that the majority of Americans are unhappy with their jobs (see our previous post). Job satisfaction has been dropping since 2005, according to an annual job satisfaction survey by the Conference Board; but effects of The Great Recession have caused job satisfaction to drop to new lows. But as an article in AARP Magazine points out, “It’s Never Too Late to Love Your Job.”Happy Businesswoman

The article shares the stories of several people who have left a job to embrace more fulfilling work, decided to switch careers, taken a risk to pursue their dreams or turned a hobby into a new career. For all, the motivating force was the desire to find a job that made them happy, that would make them want to get up and go to work every morning.

These people found jobs they love, and you can too. Here’s what to look for:

  • Take control. Jobs that allow workers to make more choices and exercise greater control over their work day and work assignments generate greater job satisfaction. Look for jobs that offer flexible scheduling and encourage employee input, contribution and creativity.
  • Keep learning. Take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills or create your own learning opportunities by taking continuing education courses or conducting online research. Look for jobs that encourage professional development by financing or rewarding continuing education. Seek out employers that encourage creative thinking and exploration.
  • Challenge yourself. Don’t be intimidated by new technology. Challenge yourself to master social media, basic website design, new software programs or whatever technology you need to pursue your dream. Look for online tutorials and step-by-step books at your local library.
  • Follow your dream. Embrace whatever you are passionate about. Look back over your life to pinpoint activities you enjoy or that you do well. You may find satisfaction in turning a childhood passion or adult talent into a new career.

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