Convincing clients that you’re the best person to do the job is only half the battle when you’re starting a freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurial business. If you want your business to succeed, you have to impress your clients at every stage of the business relationship.

  1. Well-defined brand image
  2. Superior product knowledge
  3. Responsive customer service
  4. Quality work product
  5. On-time delivery
  6. Competitive pricing

Today, we complete our discussion on using these qualities to turn first-time clients into loyal customers.

Quality work product. No matter how knowledgeable you are about your field or how available you are to your clients, your clients won’t return if you don’t deliver a high-quality work product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Make sure you effectively meet all parameters of the assigned job; but don’t ignore presentation. Going the extra mile on presentation will make a positive impression on clients.

Little things do make a difference. Spell and grammar check documents. Use quality paper for printed materials and make sure the print job is crisp and clean.  If your printer isn’t up to the job, email your work to Staples or Office Max for professional printing. Provide a digital copy of printed work for your client’s use.

On-time delivery. Make sure you nail every deadline or, even better, deliver a few days before the deadline. On-time delivery demonstrates that clients can count on you to deliver the work when they need it.

Competitive pricing. You’re in business to make money, but to attract clients you’ll need to keep your prices in the middle of the pack. (Read our post on setting fees.)

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