It may be difficult to see the silver lining given the doom-and-gloom economic predictions that are coming out of Washington these days (see our previous post); but it’s there if you look for it and many people are finding it on Zoondy! Zoondy gives you the opportunity to explore new interests and innovative ways of making money. Opening a business on Zoondy allows you to profit from the expertise you’ve gained not only in traditional work fields, but also in hobby and special interest areas. (Click here to find out how Zoondy works.)

Many people push off dream jobs until retirement. They slog away in the same-old boring field they’ve worked in since graduation, thinking that they’ll get ahead faster if they capitalize on the time and experience they’re already invested in the field. Fear of risk keeps them from following their heart and starting a new career doing what they really want to do. “Someday,” they tell themselves, “someday after I retire, I’ll follow my passions.”

With Zoondy, you don’t have to wait for “someday”; you can follow your passions now! Not sure how to get started? Follow these tips:

  1. Find your passion. Grab a notebook and pen and start making lists. Think about each job you’ve ever had and make a note of the things you liked best and least about each job. Consider the work skills required to perform the job as well as the environment in which you worked. Focus on aspects of the job that made you feel good about yourself. Try to break ideas down to their essence. For example, if one of your tasks was answering phone; what about that appealed to you? Did you enjoy the social contact? Was it the opportunity to help people satisfying? Did you enjoy the prospect of a fresh challenge every time you picked up the phone? Figuring out the specific aspects of a task that generate feelings of satisfaction can be useful in helping to point you toward or away from new opportunities.

To be continued