Entrepreneurs, freelancers, telecommuters – the trend toward remote employment has fostered a boom in home offices. It’s a convenient way to work, if you are not sabotaged by challenges ranging from distraction to lack of feedback.

You can take five easy steps toward home office productivity that will help you make the most of your day.

  1. Dress for work. The cliché of spending the day in your robe is one that you need not perpetrate. Get up, shower and dress — even in business casual, as opposed to sweatpants – to motivate yourself to perform. Even donning a pair of shoes will provide that “get to work” vibe.
  2. Set a schedule. While the flexibility of a home office is a major draw, you will organize your time better by following a regular routine. That includes penciling in breaks and meals – after all, you need to recharge your batteries at home, just as you would in a workplace.
  3. Be there. Especially as a telecommuter tied to office-dwelling colleagues (and supervisor), staying accessible is vital to your productivity and credibility. Check in via email, phone, web conferencing, or however your company culture dictates.
  4. Say no. Your spouse, kids, friends and neighbors may take one look at you in your home setting and conclude that you are available for errands and favors. If it’s not an emergency – say no. You are in your home office to perform business. The people in your personal life may take umbrage at first, but they will soon get the picture.
  5. Create a work oasis. If you relax and work better with subtle music in the background, fine. But TV, streaming media, games, Facebook and other distractions can torpedo your home office productivity. Think of your home office as an oasis, and unplug the distractions until the workday ends.

As you start your new career on Zoondy keep our tips in mind to help establish your focus and work smarter from your home office.