“Paper resumes are dying, if not currently dead. I still question why in 2013 we are using the common currency of the resume.”  — Apploi’s CEO Joshua Waldman

In a post on PandoDaily, recent Reed College graduate Cale Guthrie Weissman mirrors the complaint of many new grads in the era of internet job searches, “Finding a job listing these days may be easier, but actually landing a job seems harder.”

Based on his own post-college job-hunting experiences, Weissman acknowledges the ascendancy, even necessity in today’s digitally-driven and cloud-based business world, of the digital job resumesearch. As he quotes Appoli’s Waldman above, resumes are out. But Weissman has some thought-provoking views on the most effective replacements for paper resumes and old-school job hunting methods.

While the new job-application app Apploi bills itself as the wave of the future, Weismann was less than impressed by the app’s Q&A eHarmony-like job matching efforts. We agree with Weismann. The appeal of a casual, let’s just get to know each other approach to job interviewing may feel less intimidating to job applicants; but from an employer’s point of view, it lacks the straight-forward listing of skills, experience and education that help HR personnel quickly cull from the pack out the best-suited candidates for a specific job. Certainly, there are other qualities to consider in evaluating a job applicant beyond the list of obtained skills that typically appear on resumes (paper or digital); but for most positions it is still an effective starting point.

Despite its drawbacks, Apploi is generating considerable interest by emphasizing its mobile capability. We agree with Apploi that digital mobility is changing the face of business, but outside of immediacy and convenience, which play a limited role in job selection, we can’t see the benefit. Job selection is a considered process, not a spur of the moment decision.

To be continued

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