US Federal ReserveLast week the Federal Reserve Board said they were wrong. Their April employment forecast was overly optimistic. Fueled by concern about the European financial crisis and U.S. congressional deadlock, economic growth is now predicted to be just 2.2 in 2013, not 2.7. Instead of dropping to 7.7 as predicted, U.S. employment, currently 8.2%, is now expected to hover around 8% in 2013.

Disappointing news, certainly, but all the more reason for American workers to take control of their employment security and get back in the driver’s seat with Zoondy. Speaking to America’s legendary entrepreneurial spirit, Zoondy is a new employment platform where the worker is the master of his own ship! Like eBay for job skills, Zoondy gives American workers a place to market their skills and expertise and businesses a place to tap into that incredible pool of knowledge and experience. Click here to watch our video and see how Zoondy works.

Zoondy is much more than a job-search site; it is a job creation and career exploration engine. Zoondy is for anyone who wants to diversify and create additional income streams. On Zoondy, you can put your hard-won job experience to work, but your opportunities are not restricted by your employment record. Zoondy lets you explore the earning potential of other skills and interests. If you love to cook, you can use Zoondy to market your cooking skills as a caterer. Love to plan parties? Offer your services as an event organizer. Handy around the house? Use Zoondy to launch a handyman service. If you can bill it by the hour, you can market it on Zoondy!

Zoondy offers equal advantages for people who are looking for experience and expertise to help grow their businesses. We’ll talk about that next time.