Finding great new career opportunities in today’s job market might seem unlikely given the still high rate of unemployment and stagnant job market; but they’re out there. The trick, of course, is learning to recognize new opportunities when you see them. Many of the most exciting new career options are entrepreneurial in nature and won’t be found in the classifieds on To take advantage of these unique opportunities, you may have to reinvent your career and take a few risks; but most of the people who take the plunge never look back.New work opportunities

The experiences of several of these new entrepreneurs, people who have reinvented and revitalized their careers mid-life, were recently chronicled in the New York Times. As we noted in our previous post, in their experiences there are valuable lessons to be learned. Faced with unemployment, layoffs, underemployment, a significant drop in salary or unplanned early retirement, these people chose to embrace America’s entrepreneurial spirit and take their careers in a new and exciting direction.

Today, we continue our review of their choices and how you can use them to reinvent your own career:

  • Rebuild. When the real estate market fell apart, real estate broker Duke Marquiss shifted his energy from investment to rehab. He now restores and sells distressed and foreclosed properties. Flipping houses isn’t for everyone, but there are many struggling local businesses available that need only new blood and new ideas to become profitable again.
  • Share. Share what you know how to do with people who need that skill or service on Zoondy. A virtual employment marketplace, Zoondy provides a convenient online meeting place where buyers and sellers can match skills and services. Zoondy is an excellent place to share work skills, but it also allows people to build new careers around special interests or hobbies. Use your sewing skills to make and sell kitchen aprons. Turn your carpentry skills into picture frame or furniture sales. If you love animals, open a dog walking or pet sitting service.

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