To maximize social media rewards, you need to develop a social media strategy (see our previous post). As implementation of your strategy begins, it is important to track response with online metrics and evaluate results regularly. As with any marketing campaign, don’t expect to hit a homerun right out of the box. Social media marketing requires regular maintenance and periodic tweaking.

If you have decided to start a new business or sell your services on Zoondy, you have to expect a certain amount of experimentation until you find a social media mix that successfully reaches your target audience and starts to attract customers. To make sure you stay on track and continue to progress toward your business goals, follow these tips for monitoring and evaluating your social media strategy:

  • Set up a 90-day cycle of implementation and evaluation for each social media platform you engage. It takes at least a month to 6 weeks for social media to produce a measurable impact. Sticking with a 90-day cycle offers a realistic trial period without extending the pain (and expense) when something doesn’t work.
  • Narrow your focus to a single goal and single message during each 90-day cycle. Trying to hit everything at once won’t produce useful evaluation data. You won’t be able to tell which message or social media campaign resonated with consumers. Testing one item in your strategy at a time allows you to pinpoint the hits and misses and make effective adjustments to your plan.
  • Create a maintenance schedule for each social media platform showing the number and frequency of posts and allotting time for creation and posting. (Engaging a social media scheduling platform like HootSuite can be a valuable time saver.)

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