If you’re one of the 8.3% of Americans still looking for work, or if you’re one of the 45% of new hires who are working part-time without benefits, or if you’re just sick and tired of limping along in a go-nowhere job, starting your own business has tremendous appeal. It’s a chance to call your own shots, carve out a niche in the world, go after a dream — and make some good money. Of course, there’s that old saying that holds back a lot of would-be entrepreneurs: “You have to have money to make money.” Actually, you don’t.

There are many businesses you can start on the cheap (see our previous post). Events-based businesses make excellent low-capital start-ups. All you need is an idea and a venue and a way to get the word out. Ticket costs or class/conference reservations are paid up front which gives you the capital to pull-off the event. Worst-case scenario if it all falls apart, you refund the ticket or class costs. If you advertise the event exclusively on Zoondy, Facebook and other internet sites, the most you might be out is a facility reservation fee and you may be able to avoid that by timing your ticket reservation deadline prior to the facility cancellation date.

Events-based businesses offer a wide variety of opportunities. If you have expertise in business, investments, insurance, computers or health care, you can share what you know through seminars, conferences, clinics or classes. Build a local clientele or offer video courses or podcasts to tap long-distance customers. Clinics and classes also provide an opportunity to make money by sharing hobbies or skills such as Asian cooking, watercolor painting, gardening, fitness coaching, party planning, ballet for kids, knitting, woodworking, music, motorcycle customizing, dog training — the possibilities are endless.