While starting an entrepreneurial business does not take place in as public or glamorous an arena as the Olympics, the path to success as a freelancer or contract worker on Zoondy shares much in common with the challenges Olympic hopefuls must overcome in pursuit of their dreams. Today we continue our series on business lessons we can learn from the Olympics.

The process of Olympic training provides valuable lessons for budding entrepreneurs. To train effectively, Olympians break down their sport into the individual elements that lead to mastery. While the specific training protocols of each sport differ, Olympic training is consistent in its focus on perfecting a series of very specific exercises, each of which contributes to the goal of optimal physical prowess in the sport. Regularly measuring fitness improvements keeps athletes on track and helps them pinpoint areas that require greater effort. When a fraction of a second can mean the difference between gold and silver, Olympians understand that the devil is in the details.

The same is true in business. If you are building an entrepreneurial business as a freelancer or contract worker on Zoondy, your attention to detail will have a significant impact on your success. Breaking your business down into its component parts – product, production or execution, marketing, billing, shipping, customer service, etc. — can help you identify skills to be honed and problems to be solved. Using analytics to measure and track the progress of each element of your business can help you focus your resources efficiently and effectively. By concentrating on perfecting each detail of your business, you will create a healthy and successful whole.

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