Virtual employment marketplaces like Zoondy offer practical advantages for both employers and workers. Employers can save time and money by hiring virtual assistants to perform many office and marketing tasks. For workers, virtual employment offers a flexible source of income that allows them to work as much or as little as their schedule and financial needs dictate.VirtualAsst

Fueled by business owners searching for ways to cut costs and workers looking for ways to boost their income, the virtual job market has exploded in the past year. Zoondy addresses the difficulty of matching employer needs to worker skills by providing an innovative employment marketplace where workers can market their skills and employers can purchase the skills they need. (Click here to see how Zoondy works.)

Today, we continue our list of the virtual jobs that are proving to be most popular with employers (see our previous post). Knowing what employers are looking for can help virtual workers better market their skills.

  • Calendar management. Scheduling tools make it easy to hand your calendar over to a virtual assistant who can schedule meetings, plan events, select and send flowers and gifts, write thank you notes, issue and accept invitations, and manage all the business and social activities that crowd the calendar of busy business owners.
  • Email management. Reading, sorting and responding to email can be a tremendous time drain but is a task easily accomplished by a virtual assistant.
  • Social media management. Just like email, reading, sorting and responding to Twitter comments and Facebook posts from colleagues and customers is a necessary but time-devouring task that can be performed by a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can also take over blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest (and other) postings, generating fresh material to keep followers (and search engines) happy without cutting into your daily schedule.
  • Travel coordinator. With a host of online travel research tools at their fingertips, virtual assistants can find the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and more, saving business owners from these time-consuming tasks.