Getting the word out is a top priority when you start a business. Before they can become customers, people must be aware of your business. As discussed in our previous post, launching a Facebook business page is an effective way to expand consumer awareness of your business and generate word-of-mouth buzz that will drive consumers to your website and Zoondy business page.

Because it’s a social medium, Facebook requires a softer, more conversational approach than you are probably using on your website. Think of the difference in approach this way: The goal of social media marketing is to create a path to sales; whereas the goal of your website is to make the sale. By increasing the reach of your business, Facebook entices more consumers to visit your website where you can close sales.

The following tips will help you meet your marketing goals and reap the maximum benefit from your Facebook business page (see our previous post for more Facebook tips):

  • Be consistent about posting. If you want Facebook fans to make room for you in their schedule, you have to produce a dependable stream of new comments and information — and deliver it when expected. Either train yourself to post at the same times on the same days every week or use Facebook’s new scheduling utility to stay on track.
  • Create original content. Tying your Twitter feed and blog posts to your Facebook page is a smart way to build content, but you can’t stop there. While it’s always smart to link your info streams, most business owners find that different marketing platforms draw somewhat different audiences. To maintain the interest of your Facebook audience, you need to create original posts that focus on the interests of that specific group. (The same holds true for other social media platforms.)
  • Don’t delete complaints unless they’re spam, profane or offensive, but do respond to complaints immediately and professionally. Mistakes happen. Turn negative comments around by demonstrating the high level of customer care buyers can expect.

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