As we noted in our previous post, freelance writing is enjoying a surge in popularity as unemployed workers, retirees, college students and stay-at-home moms and dads look for ways to boost their monthly incomes. Many people who write a personal blog believe it will be easy to transfer their writing talent into the professional arena, but there are some major differences between writing a personal blog and freelance writing for profit that potential freelancers should consider before saying goodbye to their day job.Freelancing

When writing a personal blog, you choose the topics you write about and can indulge your personal interests and passions. Professional freelancers are able to choose their clients, but can rarely choose their writing topics. Freelancers write to the assignment specifications of their clients and must develop what might be called “passion on demand” which is the ability to write with enthusiasm about topics in which you are likely to have little or no personal interest. Research will be required!

When you start out as a freelancer, there is a temptation to accept any and all clients to boost your income. But freelancers are ill-advised to accept clients whose products or purposes go against their own moral, ethical or political beliefs. It is extremely difficult to write with conviction for a gun shop owner or an attorney that represents drunk drivers if your personal convictions place you firmly on the opposite side of the argument. You’ll be much happier saying “no” right at the start than struggling with the assignment and possibly failing. It pays to remember that work is more than making money.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to begin a career as a freelance writer. If you have decent writing skills and expert or specialized knowledge in a specific field, you can probably carve out a niche market for yourself as a freelancer. Zoondy provides an online employment platform that can help you reach potential freelance clients and turn your writing skills into income. Click here to find out how Zoondy can help you sell your services as an online freelance writer.