We’ve been talking about ways to make money on Zoondy by sharing what you know with other people. If you have a special skill or talent that can be shared in writing, chat or video; you can make money sharing it on Zoondy. (Click here to find out how Zoondy works.)

The coming holidays offer many great opportunities to earn extra cash by selling your skills and talents. And Zoondy offers the perfect platform to get you started. All you need is a great idea and you’re good to go. Use the following ideas to get your creative juices flowing and check out more ideas in our last post.

  • Music maestro. If you play an instrument, offer music lessons via video chat. All you need to get started is a laptop (most have a video camera, or buy one for under $50) and a free Skype account so you can talk to your students.
  • Wine snob. Wine pairings are a hot ticket these days. If you know a lot about wine or have a gift for matching wine and food, share it on Zoondy.
  • Craft class. Parents will need to keep little hands busy during the holidays. If you have a talent for creating crafts from inexpensive or household items, offer a daily craft show where kids at home can follow along. Earn extra by selling DVDs demonstrating additional projects.
  • Flower arranging 101. Everyone loves beautiful flower arrangements, but few people know how to put them together. Demonstrate the basics and your special tricks for creating arrangements that will attract attention.
  • Christmas lighting primer. If people come from miles away to admire your Christmas lights, show people how it’s done. Emphasize safety as you pass along your tricks and supply sources. Pair your tips with a Q&A or live chat to answer subscribers’ questions.
  • Cooking show. If you have mastered the art of Chinese cooking or Thai cuisine or bread baking, sign up subscribers and share your tips on a cooking show.

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