If you are starting a business on Zoondy to launch a new career, earn extra holiday cash or create income while you look for a job; you will soon appreciate the value of routines. As we’ve been discussing, productivity experts recommend creating routines to manage repetitive daily, monthly and annual tasks. Not only do pre-planned routines help you stay organized, they allow your brain to escape the drudgery of everyday tasks and focus on business-building necessities such as problem solving, creative development and long-range planning.

Establishing business routines is a three-step process. Last time we discussed creating triggers that prompt you to perform a task. Today, we continue our discussion:

2. To maximize the efficiency of a routine, it is helpful to write down the various steps involved in completing the task. Delete unnecessary and repetitive steps. Combine steps that can logically be accomplished together. Your goal is to streamline each task to minimize the amount of time it takes.

For example, if you are establishing a routine for managing email correspondence, start by reviewing the various types of correspondence you receive and the kinds of response they require. In addition to client and supplier folders, you may find it helpful to create special folders for items that require immediate response or further review. As you check through your emails, immediately delete spam, flag items that require additional attention and acknowledge informational messages. Forcing yourself to deal with each email the first time you read it will keep your inbox uncluttered and you will not waste time opening emails multiple times. This “touch it once and deal with it” method can also be applied to snail mail, filing and most correspondence.

3. While completion of a business task can be its own reward, you may find it helpful to build rewards into tasks that you find particularly onerous. These can be small rewards like enjoying a fresh cup of coffee when you finish plowing through daily emails or taking a walk around the block when you complete the weekly filing.

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