With its emphasis on social sharing between friends, Facebook can be an excellent tool for spreading the word about your new Zoondy business launch. As a Zoondy user, you already benefit from the promotional exposure provided by Zoondy’s Facebook page; but you should also create your own Facebook business page to make maximum use of Facebook’s promotional potential. Creating periodic special events and promoting them heavily on Facebook can help generate a constant stream of leads and sales.Like Button

Today, we continue our list of expert tips for promoting your business on Facebook (see our previous post for additional tips):

  • Create a separate registration page or “more information” page for each event. Don’t clutter your Facebook page with extensive posts about the event. Facebook posts should be short and sweet, providing a teaser with a clickable link to a separate page where users can register to obtain additional information.
  • When promoting your event, don’t rely solely on links. Always spell out the registration URL in its entirety at least twice and include the URL in all calls to action.
  • When promoting events on Facebook, provide just enough basic information to pique user interest and encourage consumers to register to obtain additional info, download a coupon, sign up for a webinar, etc. Boosting registrations is a quick way to generate a list of potential business leads.
  • As a courtesy to consumers, include the time zone in event posts and information downloads. The Facebook Timeline omits time zones, which can be a critical piece of information for anyone planning to attend your event.
  • Make sure your event is listed on your Facebook page calendar which is where Facebook users will go to accept or decline RSVP events and look for additional event info. To create calendar events, download Facebook’s Events App. Follow the instructions and make sure you leave the radio button unchecked. If the radio feature is checked, event participants won’t be able to post questions to your event wall which could discourage  participation.