Color can be a powerful tool in branding and promoting your business on Zoondy. As noted in our previous post on the science of color, the colors you use in your logo, website, marketing materials, product creation and packaging can have a noticeable impact on your business. Color elicits visceral emotions that may predispose customers to like your product and put them in a buying mood. But color can also backfire, giving customers a false impression of your business and driving them away.Color

Color can trigger both emotional and physical responses, making us feel calm and serene or causing our blood pressure to spike. Because color has a social and cultural context, it is important to know your audience when selecting colors for your business. For example, in Chinese culture, red is the color of the earth element fire or energy and symbolizes good fortune and happiness. In the U.S., while red is similarly associated with high energy, it is also the color or caution (stop signs) and danger (warning labels). Where red is likely to attract Chinese consumers, it is likely to make American consumers more cautious about purchasing.

Understanding the cultural and ethnic color associations of your target audience can play an important role in the marketing success of your Zoondy business. For example, if you want to attract upscale urban professionals, black, connoting sophistication, and burgundy, associated with luxury, might figure prominently in your company’s color palette. If you are marketing to families, orange, associated with affordability and fairness, and blue, which evokes feelings of loyalty and security, might be better color choices.

Here are more keys to unlocking the color code:

  • Orange connotes good value, eliciting feelings of affordability and fairness.
  • Burgundy is the color of luxury, conjuring feelings of richness, elegance¬†and wealth.
  • Yellow evokes feelings of energy, happiness and wellness.
  • Pink is associated with sweetness and youth and has a calming effect on the psyche.
  • Purple is the color of royalty and can increase perception of a product’s worth.