As we discussed in our previous post, making sense of the U.S. tax code is one of the many challenges that face people who work from home. If you operate a home business or if you offer freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurial services on Zoondy, you may be subject to self-employment or small business taxes.

There are a number of useful websites that offer at-home workers helpful information on self-employment and small business tax requirements and tax planning (see our previous post). The IRS Self-Employment Tax Center is a good place to start, as is the Tax Resource Center on the website for the National Association for the Self-Employed. If you operate a home-based business, you may want to put these additional tax and financial websites in your favorites file for easy reference:working from home

  • Financial Web offers myriad articles on a wide range of tax topics, including a useful overview of self-employment taxes. Helpful articles on specific tax topics and a directory of tax services is also available.
  • Find Law covers legal issues of all kinds, including self-employment taxes. This site also offers valuable information on coming changes to the tax code that will help you plan for next year. Also useful: forums on numerous legal topics and downloadable legal forms.
  • Bankrate is a one-stop shop for financial advice. The article on Self-Employment Tax Considerations, which walks you through all the basics, is worth reading, especially if this is your first year filing taxes as an at-home worker. In addition to helpful tax tips, Bankrate also offers practical banking, investment and retirement information and tips.
  • Investopedia is primarily an investment resource site, but they also offer valuable articles on home office tax deductions. To maximize your home-based business tax benefit, make sure you read their Top 10 Home Business Tax Tips. You’ll also find their tax guide tutorials helpful.
  • eSmartTax puts federal and state tax forms in one place; its primary value. It also offers basic tax info, but other sites are more comprehensive.

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