The recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas introduced plenty of game-changing workplace technology and business tools. From dazzling smartphones to ultra-thin televisions, the gigantic annual tech show features the most innovative achievements in electronics of all kinds; and it is THE PLACE to spot the innovative applications and cutting-edge tech tools and that are poised to change the way we do business.Freelance Writing

If you are an entrepreneur, consultant or freelancer selling your services on Zoondy’s virtual employment marketplace, it pays to keep up with the tools and apps that will be driving the next generation of business. Among the thousands of products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show were exciting new tools designed to help business people increase the ease of communication, improve work efficiency and cut costs. Here are some of the most notable:

  • Simplify your virtual workplace with Cue. Available for iPhone, android or online use, the genius app provides handy single-point access to online social media accounts, as well as scheduling, calendar and reservation tools. Part social secretary and part personal assistant, Cue not only reminds you of appointments; it can fire off a quick text or email notice to let colleagues know you’re running late.
  • Brainstorming is a challenge when you’re the only one in the office. MindMeld by Expect Labs will allow sole proprietors and freelancers to profit from virtual brainstorming sessions by tracking keywords during live voice chats of up to 8 colleagues. The intuitive iPad app is expected to be available for download by spring.
  • Essential protection against hackers, My ID Key by Arkami is a cloud-based password management program accessed by a USB stick that is small enough to slip on a keychain. Fingerprint activation keeps your data safe. Availability is expected by late spring.
  • takes the frustration out of managing social network settings. Simply click on the action you want to take (post a photo, change your password, etc.); then click on the site you want to update (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and you are instantly taken to the correct page to make the change.