The Olympics have begun; their pageantry and the daily drama of ecstasy and agony providing welcome respite from frustrating job searches and tight family budgets. But in the struggles of the world’s finest athletes to achieve their dream of being the best in the world, those of us who compete in the less glittering arena of everyday life can learn some powerful lessons about pursuing dreams and achieving goals.

NBC’s wall-to-wall coverage of the London Olympics is peppered with inspiring stories of athletes who have overcome hardships and tragedy in their path to the Olympics. Many have endured long years of training and hardship away from their families. Many athletes work full-time and spend their “free” time training. Others have given up the normal pursuits of childhood or put careers, marriage, parenthood and other dreams on hold to pursue this one dream to compete in the Olympics. And they get there in large part because they narrow their focus down to a single goal.

The takeaway for budding entrepreneurs is that you’re more likely to succeed if you focus all of your energy in one direction. If you’re trying to build a business as an entrepreneur or freelancer on Zoondy (click the link to find out how Zoondy works), start by offering a single, clearly defined service or suite of closely-related services. By focusing on doing one thing well and better than anyone else, you will gain a reputation for excellence and earn the loyalty of your customers who will spread the word and drive more business to your door. Nail that first goal and you put yourself in an excellent position to successfully expand your services and grow your business.

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