Freelancing can be one of the most rewarding professions — you’re your own boss and have the freedom to schedule your own day.

But freedom does have its pitfalls, which is why many freelancers struggle to maintain the productivity they need to excel at the job.

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Many people think that working from home is easy.  You can work in your pajamas and you don’t have to take a shower.  Studies unfortunately, show the contrary, the most productive freelancers have a schedule and get ready for work, whether it’s at home, the local Starbucks or a co-working space.  Setting a schedule and other regularity is key to success as a freelancer, otherwise you may get distracted from work, start feeling depressed because you don’t feel productive.


These productivity hacks are just the thing for any freelancer.  They are simple, easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and they work.  Next time your friend tells you that you have it so easy because you can work from home, tell him or her to try it on for size.  They will soon realize that it can be a tough road unless you do it right and with purpose.