Professional telecommuting jobs are rising in popularity both with workers and their employers. A few years ago, IBM moved to a primarily telecommuting workforce at its home office in White Plains, New York. A telecommuting workforce is not just popular with workers, but it can offer corporations, mid-size and even small businesses significant benefits, not the least of which is a happier, more focused, more productive workforce.Business Success

Companies reap financial benefits from a more productive workforce; but moving onsite employees into professional telecommuting jobs offers business owners additional financial benefits, including the option to downsize to a more compact, more efficient workforce by utilizing freelance and contract workers for specific projects or short-term and seasonal tasks. Zoondy is an excellent resource for finding freelancers and contract workers to fill staffing gaps.

For workers, accepting a professional telecommuting job requires some adjustment. These tips will help you transition successfully from working in a traditional office environment to working at home as a telecommuting professional:

  • Define your work day. One of the most difficult aspects of telecommuting is that you have to create a distinction between your work day and your home life. Unless you create some firm boundaries, it’s too easy to allow personal concerns and family life to encroach on your work time. Successful telecommuters create rituals that define the start and end of their work day. It can be something a simple as picking up a cup of coffee after breakfast and walking into the room you have designated as your home office. The key is to find something that triggers a change in mind set from home to work.
  • Adopt the KISS Principle. Little organizational chores, emails, social medial and other distractions can chew up precious work hours. Limit these activities to specific time blocks and focus your work time on projects that must be done to maximize your productivity.

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