People assume that starting your own business is a huge undertaking that requires plenty of time, planning, preparation and money. While that can be true, Zoondy offers a user-friendly alternative (click here to find out how Zoondy works). Zoondy gives you the opportunity to start earning money right away by selling what you already know. Many people can get started on Zoondy with little financial investment by using materials they have on hand.

For people who are using Zoondy as a stopgap to generate income while they look for a job or earn a little extra cash for the holidays, keeping it simple is one of the attractions of selling your services on Zoondy. But here’s something to think about: The majority of people who start freelancing, consulting and entrepreneurial businesses find that they enjoy calling their own shots and setting their own schedules more the longer they’re in business. In other words, the part-time Zoondy business you start as a temporary stopgap could eventually turn into a full-time job.

For that reason, it’s worthwhile taking some time to consider the same questions every small business owner should ask him or herself before taking the plunge. Your answers certainly don’t exclude you from selling your services on Zoondy, but they may help you decide whether you want to stay small or take your business to the next level.

  • Does working alone suit you? Some people enjoy the social camaraderie of working with other people and, more importantly, are energized when they work as part of a team. If this is you, you may have trouble keeping yourself energized and engaged when working alone. On the other hand, if your focus improves without all the distractions of a busy office; being self-employed could be right up your alley.
  • Are you self-directed? One of the biggest challenges of being your own boss is that there’s no oversight. It’s up to you to set tasks, deadlines and workload priorities — and follow through!

To be continued

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