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Zoondy is Ebay meets Linkedin... The missing link between networking and making money.

Got Work?

We're tired of all the talk about the poor job market and decided to do something about it. Introducing Zoondy!

Corporate layoffs, unemployment, under-employment and job security issues are the new reality. Zoondy is a Work 3.0 solution where you sell or auction your skills, expertise and talents, simply and easily in one centralized location.

Zoondy is here to help. We market your skills and guarantee you get paid for what you do and know. Join us in the evolution of employment.

For example, Marketing Writers, Business Plan Writers, Finance Advisors, CCIE's, Licensed Legal Review, etc.

Got Knowledge and Skills? Sell them here on Zoondy!

Ever been laid off or know someone who has?
Is your Job safe? Are you making enough money to get buy?
Having trouble re-entering the workforce?
Get guaranteed payments for the expertise you offer. You tell us your expertise; your hourly rate and we’ll market you directly to the businesses that need your help.

Save Money and Time with Zoondy.

Looking for a way to be more competitive while cutting costs?
Need expert consultants for specific projects?
Need to test new hires before making an offer?
Zoondy is a skills marketplace where your organization can quickly find experts to tackle specific business problems; making the organization more nimble and competitive, while saving you the cost of fulltime hires.