If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, time and money are your too greatest enemies. When you’re trying to get a business off the ground, there never seems to be enough of either to go around. Hiring virtual assistants on Zoondy is a smart way to solve the problem. Zoondy is a new virtual employment marketplace that brings together people with skills and expertise to offer and people who need those skills. (Click here to find out how Zoondy works.)touchscreen interface

Virtual assistants are typically freelancers, contract workers and consultants that work from home, interacting with clients and performing work tasks primarily via the internet. Low overhead and flexible scheduling generally allow virtual workers to offer premium services at lower costs than their brick-and-mortar competitors. Contracting out tasks that can be performed by virtual workers is also likely to be considerably less expensive than adding full or part-time workers to your payroll.

There are numerous office jobs that lend themselves to virtual work arrangements. Business tasks that are largely self-directed or that can be performed with minimal collaboration or oversight are good candidates for virtual employment. The following traditional office tasks are among those generating strong growth in the virtual employment market:

  • Data entry. Entering new data into customer databases, updating and maintaining databases is a laborious and time-consuming but necessary chore. Business owners can free-up precious time by forwarding info to a virtual assistant and letting them do the grunt work.
  • Presentation preparation. Collating raw data into useful presentation formats for use in meetings, reports and marketing materials allows business owners to skip time-consuming data prep and focus their energies on marketing and sales.
  • Internet research. Researching industry, consumer or marketing trends; tracking competitors; developing networking lists of corporate contacts for marketing initiatives and researching new product ideas are just some of the time-intensive tasks that can be effectively accomplished by a virtual assistant.

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