Social Media Dos and Don’ts- No longer is social media just for fun, your social media presence can help and hurt your job search.  As we noted in our previous post Social Media is the new key to effective job search, 40% of employers check out job applicants’ LinkedIn profiles, Facebook and G+ pages and Twitter feeds and use the information they find there to make hiring decisions. A  smart, Social Media Dos and Don’tsprofessional social media presence can enhance your job prospects.   That’s why we came up with this important list of Social Media Dos and Don’ts.  Use these tips to polish your social media presence so you shine when employers come calling:

  • Be relevant. Employers want to know what you’ve done lately. Start with your LinkedIn profile which is likely to be the first social media site employers check. Your LinkedIn profile should be clear, compelling and professional. Use specific examples of on-the-job performance to describe your strengths and include separate sections for work samples. Let potential employers know what you’ll bring to the table if they hire you.
  • Link everything. Include appropriate information from your LinkedIn profile on your other social media sites and link back to your LinkedIn profile. Your goal is to create a consistent professional image across your social media universe with easy-to-follow links that direct employers to the more detailed information you’ve placed on LinkedIn.
  • Build a network. Build a professional network. Invite colleagues from current and previous jobs to join your circle. Joining LinkedIn and other social media groups, discussions and bulletin boards related to your profession. Be an active participant in discussions and chats but make sure your comments have value.
  • Be a follower. Sign up on social media to follow leaders in your field, both individuals and companies. Following companies you’d be interested in working for if a good way to stay on top of job opportunities, personnel changes, product developments and other corporate news. Join social media conversations but be judicious in your comments. Use comments to demonstrate your expertise and potential value to employers.

To be continued

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