Social media such as Facebook and Twitter not only connect you with active customers, they provide an opportunity to initiate a dialogue with consumers who may not be looking for your services today but have the potential to become customers tomorrow. The comment, sharing and linking features of social media also provide potent word-of-mouth referrals that further expand your marketing reach.

So if social media offers such tremendous marketing opportunities at a price that is certainly right (free!), why do so many entrepreneurs fail to tap its full potential? Too frequently people launch a business with a burst of Facebook and Twitter posts and daily updates that attract significant attention. But a month or two later, any edge they’ve achieved starts to dwindle as new posts become less frequent, eventually becoming too sporadic to register with users. Disappointed loyal followers start deserting the site in search of new information and more active sites.

Why would a fledgling business owner fail to maintain social media sites and risk the exodus of potential customers? Time. When you’re starting a business there’s never enough of it. Social media marketing may be free, but it’s time intensive and time is money. When everything needs your attention, it’s hard to make time for social media.

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