A surge in freelance writing jobs is providing new income avenues for unemployed workers, retirees, college students and stay-at-home moms and dads. There is money to be made in writing articles, blog posts, newsletters and Facebook entries for businesses and corporations. An early entrant into the virtual workplace, freelance writing has become one of the fastest growing employment sectors on the internet. Demand for online freelance writers has become great enough that prolific writers can find steady employment and turn their knowledge and expertise into a steady paycheck.Freelance Writing

Virtual employment can trace its roots to the mid-1990s when major corporations like IBM, Cisco and Microsoft started experimenting with telecommuting. Allowing employees to work from home several days a week using the internet and phone to stay in touch with office and clients profited both employees and employers. Telecommuting provided employees with a greater variety of work options and companies with cost savings.

As internet capabilities and communications improved, it became less necessary for employees to spend time at the office and the virtual workplace started taking off. The de-emphasis on physical locality as a condition of employment allowed employers and employees to connect across the country and around the world, vastly expanding the marketplace for freelancers and contract workers.

Freelance writing is particularly well suited to the virtual workplace. The incredible variety of businesses seeking freelance communication services opens the field to people with diverse skills. You don’t have to be a professional writer to capitalize on freelance writing opportunities. People with engineering, scientific, medical or computer expertise are highly sought as technical writers; and how-to articles offer income opportunities for anyone with a hobbyist’s specialized knowledge.

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