• Freelancing is a Dirty Word!

    VideoNext week I will be keynoting the Staffing Industry Analysts Conference and the focus of my talk is going to be the freelancer economy. This is perhaps one of the most exciting and impactful trends that is going to disrupt organizations over the next few years. Today it’s estimated (according to the […]

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    Jacob really has his finger on the pulse of the “future of Work” and it is a great article/video series. However, what we need to start discussing is the definition of what the word freelancer really means. In many instances Freelancers or everyone that is “freelancing” is somehow lumped into an unskilled or semi-skilled position

    and freelancers are thought of as an unskilled or semiskilled individual to be taken advantage of by Large corporations like Uber or task rabbit or a low paid creative like a designer or website builder that you can hire for $99.

    However there is a level of “freelancer” that should be thought of more as a individual entrepreneur or a highly skilled “hired gun” with expertise earned from years of experience in the very trenches of the business world. Lumping them into the same category as unskilled workers performing tasks on demand is neither fair nor true.

    What we need is a new definition of individuals who sell their expertise at fair market value to corporations/companies/individuals that can afford it.

    Imagine being able to hire the very brightest and best experts to help your business on a particular project or deal with the crisis simply by clicking a button on your smartphone. Fully vetted experts ready to work for you in a moments notice. How fast could your business ? In the past companies spent millions of dollars hiring big consulting firms to come in and throw freshly minted MBAs at systemic business problems. Consulting was a luxury good only to be afforded by the wealthiest corporations. In the end the CEO would get a voluminous document paid for with hundreds of hours of time that he could then take to the board and throw down on the table to support his particular business strategy regardless of whether it was driving the company into the ground or not.

     The world is changing and hiring full time employees that sit idle for a good portion of their working lives is neither practical nor necessary any longer. The skills you need as a business owner are to hire only the barest minimum of full time workers to run the infrastructure of your business while hiring experts as needed to complete the projects you need.

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  • Practical Time Management Tips Boost Productivity

    Effective time management is one of the biggest challenges when operating your own business, especially if you are a freelancer or are a home-based entrepreneur on Zoondy. Learning to manage your time wisely in the real world isn’t about shaving seconds off your schedule but about learning to create a workable balance of discipline and flexibility. The global staffing gurus at Robert Half International recently posted “time-management tips for the real world” on MSN.CareerBuilder.com. If you’re starting a freelance, contract or entrepreneurial business on Zoondy, we think you’ll find their tips and a few nuggets gleaned from our own entrepreneurial experiences

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  • Establish Routines to Boost Productivity

    It seems as though the pace of life moves a little faster every year and our to-do lists grow a little longer. Juggling home and work, spouse and kids, and finances and debt make life challenging enough. If you are also starting a home-grown business on Zoondy, trying to keep all the balls in the air can feel like a herculean task. Falling behind is not an option if you are counting on the extra income your Zoondy business is bringing in. But when everything is on you — marketing, sales, product creation and delivery, bookkeeping, customer service, etc., etc. — it

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  • How Breadwinner Moms Are Changing Society

    As noted in a previous post, the Great Recession stood America’s job market on its head. With construction and manufacturing industries which traditionally employ more male than female workers handing out pink slips by the truckloads, many American women found themselves the primary breadwinners for their families. Even though male jobs are bouncing back, jobs traditionally held by women, which did not suffer appreciably during the recession, remain strong and a growing number of wives in married households now out-earn their husbands. Many feel the change in the balance of financial power will be good for society, hopefully banishing glass

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  • Reclaim Your Right to Work from Home with Zoondy

    When Marissa Mayer took control of the reins at Yahoo she promised to shake things up. But when the new CEO decreed that Yahoo employees would no longer be permitted to work from home you’d have thought she was trying to strip them of their first amendment gun rights. Outside the realms of racial bias, sexual conduct and overseas working conditions, seldom has what amounts to an internal human resources decision been subject to such media attention and public furor. After more than a decade of movement toward greater personal autonomy in the work place, Ms. Mayer’s decision was seen by

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  • Working Moms Take Over as Family Bread Winners

    In 1960, at the beginning of the modern women’s liberation movement, women were certainly not new to the workforce, but just 11% of working moms were the primary supporters of their families. Today, working mothers are the primary breadwinners in 40% of U.S. households with children. It’s a paradigm shift that many American women hope will finally smash the glass ceiling once and for all and create true financial equality in the workplace. The new statistics arose from the latest Pew Research Center study on the influence of breadwinner moms on the economy and the implications for American families. While the

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  • Employers Are Looking to Outsource Unique Projects. Are You Ready?

    Now more than ever, employment outsourcing is gaining popularity as the way to hire employees to do the work that employers need done.  For many reasons, employment outsourcing is very attractive to both employers as well as employees. People Are Discovering Their Passions If you’re like many people, you went to college and then got a job that didn’t use any of the information you learned in college.  Maybe you had an interest in school that you worked on as a side hobby but you didn’t put any formal education into it.  Your interest might be an excellent way to

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  • High Demand Expected for STEM Jobs

    Ever since the recession started there’s been a lot of talk about the changing American workplace. Everyone from the presidential candidates to business leaders to union officials has expressed concern that: Jobs lost during the recession are not coming back; and American workers who lost their jobs do not have the skills necessary to perform the jobs being created. The prospect of continued unemployment for thousands of American workers is behind the growing push for retraining. America appears to have the manpower to fuel a new, technology/big data-based economy. What many fear we lack is workers with the high-level science, technology,

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  • How to Guarantee Repeat Business

    Convincing clients that you’re the best person to do the job is only half the battle when you’re starting a freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurial business. If you want your business to succeed, you have to impress your clients at every stage of the business relationship. Well-defined brand image Superior product knowledge Responsive customer service Quality work product On-time delivery Competitive pricing Today, we complete our discussion on using these qualities to turn first-time clients into loyal customers. Quality work product. No matter how knowledgeable you are about your field or how available you are to your clients, your clients won’t

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  • Create Demand by Impressing Clients with Your Knowledge

    If you are starting a freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurial business on Zoondy, one of your first challenges will be convincing potential clients that you are the man or woman for the job. But how do you convince people that you can do a better job for them than your competitors? By cultivating the six critical characteristics shared by successful businesses (see our previous post).  Today, we continue that discussion: Superior product knowledge. Demonstrate your knowledge of whatever you are selling by showcasing recent and past work in an online portfolio placed on your Zoondy business page and website (and anywhere else

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