In a recent article on Business Insider, start-up guru, Martin Zwilling makes two excellent points:

“It takes much the same preparation to make you the best entrepreneur or the best job candidate.”

“Experience is the best teacher, but you need to get the job to get the experience.”Finding a Job

America’s entrepreneurial spirit has boosted into high gear with the economic recovery. More investment money is available to help¬†people with a great idea actualize their dreams and launch a business. Start-ups also make good employers if you’re looking for a job. Working for a start-up you’ll get to wear many hats, expanding your job skills significantly with plenty of valuable hands-on experience.

Working for a start-up is a good training platform for starting your own business. It gives you a chance to learn from someone else’s mistakes before you take the plunge yourself. Working for a start-up is also a fast way to get up to speed in a new business if you’re thinking about a career change or to pick up a broad set of basic business skills if you’re be graduating from college and looking for a job.

Summer is an excellent time to launch a start-up on Zoondy (click here to see how Zoondy works). It gives you time to work out the kinks that come with any new business and start building a healthy customer list so you’re in a good position to capitalize on the fall crunch and holiday rush that drive most businesses as they work to finalize projects and drive up profit margins before the end of the year. If you want to be part of that picture, the time to get started is now. You want to get yourself on the “go-to” list of businesses before they start lining up fall suppliers and contract workers.

This is the time to polish your internet image, build your network, work your contacts and tune-up your job skills. For more tips on getting a job or getting a start-up off the ground on Zoondy, read Martin’s Business Insider column and follow The Zoondy Daily.