When you’re starting a business, launching a Facebook business page is an easy way to launch a marketing campaign and a smart way to keep your personal and professional lives separated (see our previous post). Facebook can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox, but it is important to understand the limitations of social media.

Facebook is not a closer, by which we mean that having a Facebook business page in and of itself is unlikely to increase sales. Facebook’s strength lays in getting the word out, expanding consumer awareness of the services or product you offer, and generating word-of-mouth buzz about your business. In other words, Facebook is good at creating consumer interest and driving more traffic to your business website and Zoondy business page. But it is the information consumers find once they land on your business sites that is most likely to generate sales.

Where personal Facebook pages are highly interactive, Facebook business pages are more static. Unlike your friends and family who will busily log responses to your Facebook entries and post things to your wall, followers of your Facebook business page are more likely to simply view your fan page than interact with it. However, you can encourage greater consumer interaction and boost your fan response rate by including a call to action in each of your Facebook posts. By asking your followers to like, share or comment on your Facebook posts, you engage not only each individual customer; but you expand awareness of your business as his Facebook friends are notified of his activity.

To make the most of your Facebook business page, follow these additional Facebook tips:

  • Don’t post your sales pitch to your wall. Save your sales pitch for your website and Zoondy page. It’s okay to highlight new products, offer coupons and notify followers of sales events in your Facebook posts; but Facebook is a conversational medium. Followers are looking for entertainment and¬†information.¬†Blasting fans with a hard sell will drive them away.

More Facebook tips next time