Promoting your business on Facebook is a no brainer. People spend more time on Facebook than on any other single internet site. But tapping into that potential customer pool successfully takes a little know-how. In promoting the business you opened on Zoondy, you already benefit from the exposure provided by Zoondy’s Facebook page and our other social media and internet advertising. But Zoondy users can’t afford to let Zoondy do all the heavy lifting. If you want your Zoondy business to succeed and grow, you’ll need to initiate your own Facebook advertising campaign.

Launching a Facebook business page is only the first step toward attracting social media attention to the goods and services you offer on your Zoondy webpage. Because Facebook’s timeline format favors new postings, you’ll need to periodically create events, special promotions, new product or information releases, sales and discounts, webinars, web chats and other “events” to feed Facebook’s voracious appetite for new material. Unfortunately, posting a notice of an event on your Facebook business page won’t generate the leads and sales you hope to achieve. To gain maximum benefit from Facebook promotions, you’ll need to tap into the expert’s bag of tricks.

When promoting a business event on Facebook, use these expert tips to maximize your return on investment:

  • When you announce a business event on Facebook, make sure you include a clear call to action. Tell people exactly what you want them to do: click a button to register for the event, enter a coupon code to get a promotional discount, share a link to your event posting with their Facebook friends, etc. Be specific and make it easy for people to follow through with a simple mouse click.
  • Include a compelling image with your event announcement. Facebook is a visual medium. Choose an attention-grabbing image and use it with every mention of the event. You want to create a visually identifiable thumbnail that will trigger instant recognition every time Facebook users see it.

More Facebook promotion tips next time